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Avoid Nightmares and Insomnia this Halloween


Allergy Sleep & Lung Care provides healthy sleeping habits to prevent disturbed sleep during Halloween

Nightmares are common during the Halloween season, and Allergy Sleep & Lung Care is providing the right tools to ensure people are getting a healthy amount of sleep each night.

While nightmares can be a distraction to quality sleep, disturbed sleeping and insomnia can also play a factor. An estimated 50-70 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some type of sleep disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sleep is essential for good health, both physical and mental.

“There are simple techniques that can help prevent poor sleep patterns,” says Board Certified Sleep Medicine physician Imtiaz Ahmad, M.D., F.C.C.P. “In many cases, poor sleep conditions can be solved with changes in diets, medications or by learning stress reduction techniques.”

For those who suffer from disturbed sleep or insomnia, Allergy Sleep & Lung Care in Fort Myers can diagnose these sleep disorders, beginning with a consultation through their oxygen clinic.

“There a few, non-refreshing sleep disorders that may have a severe effect on your quality of life and health, and may require more intensive treatment,” says Dr. Ahmad. “Such disturbances may be manifested by excessive snoring called sleep apnea. Those who suffer from sleep apnea often experience daytime drowsiness, poor performance, poor concentration and depression.”

Another culprit of non-refreshing sleep is a disorder called restless leg syndrome.

“People who experience this come to my office explaining unpleasant sensations in their legs. Other complaints may include involuntary movements of your limbs,” says Dr. Ahmad. “These movements happen while you are asleep and most are unaware of this unless reported by a sleeping mate or evidence of a restless night when your blankets and sheets are disheveled. Good sleep is essential to everyday life and we’re here to help.”

Sleep services offered at Allergy Sleep & Lung Care include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), a sleep apnea treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open, and the Oxygen Clinic, providing comprehensive diagnostic testing of lung function, sleep patterns and treatment options.

Dr. Ahmad is the founder of Allergy Sleep & Lung Care. He has post-graduate training at Harvard University, Cornell University, State University of New York at Brooklyn and University of Mississippi.

For more information about Allergy Sleep & Lung Care, please visit, or call (239) 437-6670.

About Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care

Allergy Sleep & Lung Care is dedicated to improving and maintaining the health status of their patients by providing compassionate, top quality care. The respected practice provides excellence in patient care with the innovation that counts. The highly experienced team continues to provide a level of care and treatment that is unmatched on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Allergy Sleep & Lung Care is located at 16420 HealthPark Commons Drive, Suite 100 Fort Myers, FL 33908, with a second location at 260 Beth Stacey Boulevard, Suite 220 Lehigh Acres, FL 33936.


Imtiaz Ahmad, MD, MPH, FCCP

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad is a highly qualified physician, Board Certified in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine. He has been actively serving the community of Lee County, Florida since 2004, with a strong focus on a proactive healthcare approach. Dr. Ahmad has received advanced training from some of the most prestigious institutions, including Harvard University, Cornell University, State University of New York at Brooklyn, and the University of Mississippi. SOMNAS is a medical facility that is committed to improving and maintaining the health of patients with sleep disorders. The expert team at SOMNAS is known for their compassionate and high-quality care. They offer unparalleled treatment and care to patients on the Gulf Coast of Florida, ensuring a better and healthier life for them.

Job Title: Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine

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Sleep well, live well

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Somnas offers state-of-the-art diagnostic options to identify specific sleep disorders and manage them using the latest treatments and therapies with an individualized treatment plan to ensure long-term optimal outcomes.